Christmas Lodge

This Christmas movie is such a cliche it is possibly unmissable as it is includes terrible snow effects and the almost ridiculous personification of a building.

3 out of 5 santas might watch it!
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The Snow Report

For a film based in the mountains and set at Christmas time this movie suffers from a complete lack of snow until 6 minutes from the end at which point it appears on the ground in such quantities as to pose the traditional road blocking obstacle it is known for.

Santa Sightings

No, not really about

Baubles, Lights and Tinsel

Trees, lights are about and at times there is a classy background. The trees are offer more extensive coverage towards the end of the movie, once it starts snowing.

Will It Make Me Cry?

It might but only if you respond to the ideas of buildings having hearts and think people actually die in movies.

Sing Along

Nothing of note.

Cast Presents

Cool Christmas

Has a What Would Jesus do moment?

Review Date: 24 Oct 2013 - Christmas Lodge on IMDB and on Amazon.