Dashing Through the Snow

A great family movie where one of the groups of people hunting Santa are actually helpful. Very limited peril and while it is obvious from the beginning where the movie is going the music and sets make it a fun ride!

4 out of 5 santas might watch it!

The Snow Report

Only a very limited amount of snow which plays no part in the movie other than being remarked on about how unusual it is which is strange considering the title!

Santa Sightings

Is he present throughout or is it a well meaning impostor, true believers work it out real quick!

Baubles, Lights and Tinsel

A good festive mix of decor with a brief moment of Christmas tree chaos!

Will It Make Me Cry?

Unlikely to make you cry just a fun family movie.

Sing Along

Cool throughout, on the radio, in the club and there is an even a finding Santa playlist. Not to mention some great carolling and a fantastic performance by the big man himself!

Cast Presents

Ludacris throughout and there is even a very brief car chase!

Cool Christmas

Santa jumping out of cars is perhaps a previously undocumented Santa power!

Review Date: 10 Dec 2023 - Dashing Through the Snow on IMDB and on Amazon.