Die Hard 2

The final Die Hard movie to be set at Christmas and it is great. Lacking any real festivity but instead offering relief from the more typical fayre, a must see. It also offers handy tips for surviving gun battles, flying aircraft and escaping planes.

5 out of 5 santas might watch it!
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The Snow Report

There is loads of snow throughout the movie and it plays a crucial role as well, including a chase on snowmobiles.

Santa Sightings

The big man does not feature in the movie but fortunately John McClane delivers.

Baubles, Lights and Tinsel

Limited festive decor but occasional bits at time.

Will It Make Me Cry?

I don't think this movie will make anyone cry its just not looking to do that,

Sing Along

Surprisingly not festive at times including the signature tune at the end.

Cast Presents

It is all about Bruce Willis but of course Reginald VelJohnson (Al does help out).

Cool Christmas

It's a Die Hard movie how could it not be cool and the ejection seat is awesome.

Review Date: 19 Nov 2013 - Die Hard 2 on IMDB and on Amazon.