Ernest Saves Christmas

While far from a classic this is a competent Christmas movie, entertaining to watch and with a positive message. Good old fashioned, family fun.

4 out of 5 santas might watch it!
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The Snow Report

There is a lack of snow at the start of the film as it is based within Florida. Santa does however makes it snow when he wants it to.

Santa Sightings

Santa appears throughout the credits and is significant throughout the entire movie. He is also referred to as big red.

Baubles, Lights and Tinsel

Ernest house has awesome decor which carries the whole movie in this regard.

Will It Make Me Cry?

This movie will not make you cry.

Sing Along

Some lesser know carols at the very start and lots of traditional Christmas music including a jail singalong.

Cast Presents

Jim Varney and Douglas Seale are both brilliant throughout.

Cool Christmas

Flying reindeer, a magic sack it is all great.

Review Date: 26 Nov 2013 - Ernest Saves Christmas on IMDB and on Amazon.