Jack Frost

Painful at times this movie has moments which requires the suspension of everything, unfortunately these are not in reference to the living snowman but rather mundane movie matters.

2 out of 5 santas might watch it!
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The Snow Report

Loads and loads of snow and a serious opening snow ball fight, followed on by snowman making.

Santa Sightings

Santa does not feature within the movie as the reincarnated dad snowman takes center stage.

Baubles, Lights and Tinsel

Appropriately festive throughout but not amazing.

Will It Make Me Cry?

This is a Christmas film designed to make you cry, throughout the whole movie.

Sing Along

The music throughout out this film is ok and very different from the typical Christmas movie music. Also I suspect this is the only Christmas movie which end with Lisa Loebs How.

Cast Presents

Michael Keaton is the main attraction.

Cool Christmas

The coaching scene is kind of fun, especially the half time talk.

Review Date: 02 Nov 2013 - Jack Frost on IMDB and on Amazon.