A fun movie with a great sound track and a collection of magic snow-globes delivering snow on demand.

4 out of 5 santas might watch it!
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The Snow Report

Half of the movie is full of snow and the other not so much but that kind of the point.

Santa Sightings

The main fictional character is not Santa.

Baubles, Lights and Tinsel

Very festive throughout and with some great establishing shots as well, including a Christmas NY montage.

Will It Make Me Cry?

No the main characters are more annoying than anything else.

Sing Along

Brilliant throughout a great montage of carols and Christmas pop songs.

Cast Presents

Christina Milian and Don Bland are both in this Christmas Caper.

Cool Christmas

There is a great moment about the names of hippos, and a suggestion of eggnog and cinnamon snaps, apparently it tastes of a Christmas tree on fire.

Review Date: 10 Sep 2014 - Snowglobe on IMDB and on Amazon.