A fun movie with a great sound track and a collection of magic snow-globes delivering snow on demand.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating

Angel of Christmas

An old Christmas Broadway mystery to be solved in a festive Manhattan. Not a classic but one of the best Christmas hallmark movies.

Surviving Christmas

This is watchable, its not amazing but it is worth watching once and does have a fun cast. The story is crazy but then it is a Christmas movie and actually has everything in it, including Santa.

Top 5 Christmas Films With Resilient Transport

The Top 5 examples of resilient Christmas transport.

Christmas movies always feature lots of modes of transport, cars, trains, sledges, skis, ice skates and the surprisingly common skateboard. In many festive movies there seams to be a constant supply of transport related mishaps, trains just missed, airports closed, taxis that don’t stop and sledges that end up in skating ponds. This however is a list that celebrates those moments when the transports proves its self as resilient and just keeps on going. Here is Christmas Movie Review top five moments of Resilient Christmas Transport.


A great Christmas movie throughout and one of the best of all time and it all builds up to the final sing along moment.