Home Alone

A great movie which I suspect many enjoy every year, usually on TV. I am sure that I am not the only one who has taken the inspiration of this movie and consider possible zombie defence applications for their own abode.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating


While dark and not family friendly there is a lot to like about this reinterpretation of The Christmas Carol, not least of all Bill Murray - Yule love it.

The Holiday

As far as Christmas chick flicks go this is the one of the more watchable ones. It also features a scene in a Blockbuster video rental store.

Top 5 Moments of Music Madness

The top 5 Moments of Christmas Music Movie Madness!

Who doesn’t love Christmas Music, the angelic choirs, infectious cheer and the annual classics in the background. You get the brass bands playing carols and of course the ever present, never seen giant orchestra playing festive themes throughout. But in amongst those moments there are also moments of infuriating festive cheer, overlay repressive music, the never ending repeats and the simple fact its still November. This is Christmas Movie Review top 5 moments of Christmas Music Movie Madness!


A delightful Disney movie that both expands the Santa story and compares traditional and modern ways of managing the north pole.

The Holiday Calendar

While not pushing much new territory this is a passable Christmas film. Good music, heart warming and a little unexpected variation. Also Christmas movies based around Advent Calendars are pretty rare.