The Santa Clause 2

While this film includes the worst Christmas party of all time it is still great. Entertaining for all the family.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating

Home Alone 2

This is essentially a repeat of the first movie with added celebration of American airport security.


A fun movie with a great sound track and a collection of magic snow-globes delivering snow on demand.

Top 5 Moments of Christmas Tree Chaos

The Top 5 Moments of Christmas Tree Chaos!

Christmas Trees are meant to be fresh smelling, beautiful additions to the home designed to brighten up everything. Some are massive and others smaller but they often turn out to be a lot of hassle. Here is Christmas Movie Review top five moments of Christmas Tree Chaos.

The Holiday Calendar

While not pushing much new territory this is a passable Christmas film. Good music, heart warming and a little unexpected variation. Also Christmas movies based around Advent Calendars are pretty rare.

The Christmas Chronicles

An excellent Christmas movie, with clear understanding of the genre. More than just an obvious Christmas movie the film offers a unique contribution to the field with the true believers idea and an adorable collection of elves.