Miracle On 34th Street

A good remake of a festive classic, with a positive message and suitable for the whole family. A most see of the season.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating

A Christmas Detour

While the dialogue is at times so cliched its ridiculously, its still quite an amusing film and definitely watchable.

Top 5 Santa Movies

The top 5 Santa Christmas movies ever!

Now Santa is the big man when it comes to sleigh driving, international present distribution and dressing sharply. He also makes it easy to know who is the star of show but not all Santas are equal. Here we select the top 5 Santa movies in the humble opinion of Christmas Movie Review.


A delightful Disney movie that both expands the Santa story and compares traditional and modern ways of managing the north pole.

The Holiday Calendar

While not pushing much new territory this is a passable Christmas film. Good music, heart warming and a little unexpected variation. Also Christmas movies based around Advent Calendars are pretty rare.