Becoming Santa

Jack Sandersons genuine approach to becoming Santa and his openness about his experience is really interesting, especially the way he has such complete commitment, even bleaching his bearded.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating

Die Hard 2

The final Die Hard movie to be set at Christmas and it is great. Lacking any real festivity but instead offering relief from the more typical fayre, a must see. It also offers handy tips for surviving gun battles, flying aircraft and escaping planes.

White Christmas

One of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, if you have not seen it watch it now and if you have already seen it its always fun to watch it again and sing along.

Top 5 Moments of Christmas Tree Chaos

The Top 5 Moments of Christmas Tree Chaos!

Christmas Trees are meant to be fresh smelling, beautiful additions to the home designed to brighten up everything. Some are massive and others smaller but they often turn out to be a lot of hassle. Here is Christmas Movie Review top five moments of Christmas Tree Chaos.

The Night Before

Surprisingly adult considering its rating so it is not a movie for the family but well worth watching when you have a chance.