Merry Madagascar

A very entertaining movie with a positive message about gift giving and of course the continued character development of the animals from the film Madagascar.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating


While not really festive in tone or stroy, the movie happens around the festive season and consequently is a nice break in a hectic festive movie schedule.

Top 5 Terrible Parties

The top 5 terrible festive movie parties ever

Everyone loves an invite to a Christmas or New Years party. The food, the music, friends and family and of course a few games. But Christmas movies teach us that not all parties are great and in fact a few are so bad we are glad we were never invited. Here we select our top 5 most terrible festive movie parties, that your glad your not invited to, in the humble opinion of Christmas Movie Review.

The Night Before

Surprisingly adult considering its rating so it is not a movie for the family but well worth watching when you have a chance.