Christmas With The Kranks

This film reminds us why change is such a bad idea and that we should all do exactly the same thing every year. Also many characters are quite dark, vengful version of their stereotypes. It is however funny at times and ends as you expect.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating

Christmas Lodge

This Christmas movie is such a cliche it is possibly unmissable as it is includes terrible snow effects and the almost ridiculous personification of a building.

Fred Claus

This is a great movie. It is fun, with some clever moments and just lots of silliness. Well worth watching.

Top 5 Christmas Films With Resilient Transport

The Top 5 examples of resilient Christmas transport.

Christmas movies always feature lots of modes of transport, cars, trains, sledges, skis, ice skates and the surprisingly common skateboard. In many festive movies there seams to be a constant supply of transport related mishaps, trains just missed, airports closed, taxis that don’t stop and sledges that end up in skating ponds. This however is a list that celebrates those moments when the transports proves its self as resilient and just keeps on going. Here is Christmas Movie Review top five moments of Resilient Christmas Transport.

The Night Before

Surprisingly adult considering its rating so it is not a movie for the family but well worth watching when you have a chance.