White Christmas

The cast, the music, its all great cool.

One of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, if you have not seen it watch it now and if you have already seen it its always fun to watch it again and sing along.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating


While dark and not family friendly there is a lot to like about this reinterpretation of The Christmas Carol, not least of all Bill Murray - Yule love it.

The Christmas Chronicles

An excellent Christmas movie, with clear understanding of the genre. More than just an obvious Christmas movie the film offers a unique contribution to the field with the true believers idea and an adorable collection of elves.

Christmas Inheritance

Quite an amusing Christmas movie and while breaking little new ground it does remind us of the importance of identity and there is a member where the room runs out at the inn.


The cast, the one liners, the singing it is all cool.

A great Christmas movie throughout and one of the best of all time and it all builds up to the final sing along moment.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating

The Night Before

Surprisingly adult considering its rating so it is not a movie for the family but well worth watching when you have a chance.


A great Christmas movie throughout and one of the best of all time and it all builds up to the final sing along moment.

Lucky Christmas

Incompetence and chance combine to make the story of this movie a little unusual but also a little far fetched.

A lottery win to the rescue, but not before true love wins and crime pays.

Christmas Movie Review Movie Rating

White Christmas

One of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, if you have not seen it watch it now and if you have already seen it its always fun to watch it again and sing along.

Angel of Christmas

An old Christmas Broadway mystery to be solved in a festive Manhattan. Not a classic but one of the best Christmas hallmark movies.

A Christmas Song

The movie is obvious the whole way through but it is still watchable and quite amusing. At times the dialogue and background music are just a little crazy but its still fun.

A Christmas Detour

While the dialogue is at times so cliched its ridiculously, its still quite an amusing film and definitely watchable.

All I Want for Christmas

While not a classic, *All I Want for Christmas* is very watchable and quite entertaining. With a nice ending and good bit of humour throughout.

12 Days Of Christmas Eve

It is a Groundhog Day style of movie and a good mix between serious and funny. While it ends as you expect it does so after some very good reprises of the same day.


While not really festive in tone or stroy, the movie happens around the festive season and consequently is a nice break in a hectic festive movie schedule.

Home Alone 2

This is essentially a repeat of the first movie with added celebration of American airport security.

A Merry Friggin Christmas

After some hallucinogenic pickles a conversion with a Snowman makes the movies bad for believers but other than that this is an ok adult Christmas movie.


A fun movie with a great sound track and a collection of magic snow-globes delivering snow on demand.


It is a Disney princess movie with a backdrop of snow and behaves exactly as you expect. But is still worth watching.

The Santa Clause 2

While this film includes the worst Christmas party of all time it is still great. Entertaining for all the family.

Ernest Saves Christmas

While far from a classic this is a competent Christmas movie, entertaining to watch and with a positive message. Good old fashioned, family fun.

Mrs Miracle

Mary Poppings like, but with Christmas stuff this is daytime movie quality watchable but nothing to write home about.

Merry Madagascar

A very entertaining movie with a positive message about gift giving and of course the continued character development of the animals from the film Madagascar.

Lost Christmas

I found this movie to be terrible. This a judgement made with consideration of only the Christmas genre.

The Holiday

As far as Christmas chick flicks go this is the one of the more watchable ones. It also features a scene in a Blockbuster video rental store.

Christmas With The Kranks

This film reminds us why change is such a bad idea and that we should all do exactly the same thing every year. Also many characters are quite dark, vengful version of their stereotypes. It is however funny at times and ends as you expect.

Bad Santa

This movie reminds us that there are many situations in life where you should not be wearing a santa suit, but also many situations in life which are much funnier if you are wearing a santa suit.


While dark and not family friendly there is a lot to like about this reinterpretation of The Christmas Carol, not least of all Bill Murray - Yule love it.

Die Hard 2

The final Die Hard movie to be set at Christmas and it is great. Lacking any real festivity but instead offering relief from the more typical fayre, a must see. It also offers handy tips for surviving gun battles, flying aircraft and escaping planes.


A traditional telling of the Christmas Carol with typical of the 1970's special effects and rather complex dialogue at times, watchable but perhaps not a classic.


A film about lying to children and how it can be ok. Very view-able regardless of the chance of it causing you to relieve child hood horrors.

Deck The Halls

This movie is fun and very watchable in fact you can watch this most years. Obviously its not a classic but if you watch expecting to be amused it will be fine and you will also hear about the lesser know carol, the Ignorant Snowman.

Jack Frost

Painful at times this movie has moments which requires the suspension of everything, unfortunately these are not in reference to the living snowman but rather mundane movie matters.

The Polar Express

The movie offers an interesting insight into the workings of the North pole workshops which apparently employ a strange mix of technologies. Of course it is all about the train but I don't think that is a problem. Actually its kind of cool, this movie also features time manipulation which is commented on by a character.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Amends

Season 3, episode 10 sees Christmas come to Sunnydale where Buffy and the Scooby gang fight evil, with occasional moments of Christmas cheer, by solving the problem of the dying Christmas trees.

Becoming Santa

Jack Sandersons genuine approach to becoming Santa and his openness about his experience is really interesting, especially the way he has such complete commitment, even bleaching his bearded.

The Santa Clause

The great thing about the movie is the way it gets straight to the point with Santa, the sledge and the immediate deputization of Tim Allen. Its also a lot of fun and of course this is just the first part.

The Santa Clause 3

Considering that this is the third movie in the series it is actually ok, kind of fun to watch and is one of the few movies where the Easter Bunny features alongside Santa.

Fred Claus

This is a great movie. It is fun, with some clever moments and just lots of silliness. Well worth watching.

Surviving Christmas

This is watchable, its not amazing but it is worth watching once and does have a fun cast. The story is crazy but then it is a Christmas movie and actually has everything in it, including Santa.

Jingle All The Way

This is fun throughout, suprisingliy violent at times but still fun and does make fun of the most have gift syndrome. Of course it has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it which kinds of adds to its charm.

Die Hard

This is a great Christmas movie. Unusual in the cannon of work due to explosions, machine guns and of course incredible one liners.

Holiday in Handcuffs

This movie is proof that even with most of the prerequisite of the Christmas genre present it is still possible to go wrong- and this is not even a sequel. However as a Christmas movie to ignore, while doing something else, this movie is a triumph.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

This is one of my favourite Christmas movies, I think it is ace. If you have never seen it you should go watch it right now as doing otherwise would be bad and consequently jeopardise your Christmas present.

Home Alone

A great movie which I suspect many enjoy every year, usually on TV. I am sure that I am not the only one who has taken the inspiration of this movie and consider possible zombie defence applications for their own abode.

On the Second Day of Christmas

While this is no Christmas cracker it does have its moments, which are satisfying for Christmas movie fanatics and those who think its sometimes important to make fun of a genre.

Christmas Lodge

This Christmas movie is such a cliche it is possibly unmissable as it is includes terrible snow effects and the almost ridiculous personification of a building.